About the Artist

Paulina creates magic-filled worlds. “The pool of my creativity is blended from all things real, fantastical, emotional, and spiritual, and it draws energy from everything around. As artists, we are channelers. Unknown lands and beings love to be acknowledged, and have much to communicate.” Her work has been collected around the globe for over 30 years.

“I combine pen and ink work with watercolour layer by layer, and my technique varies with each piece. Allowing the process to be experimental brings surprises, and that keeps the creative work flow exciting.”

Paulina has been designing tarot and oracle card decks since 2007. “Tarot is a tool for divination, used to access innate knowledge. The cards act as guidance for conscious decision-making and self-empowerment.” Her publications include Paulina Tarot, Joie de Vivre, The Faerie Guidance Oracle, The Witchlings, Spiritsong Tarot, Pixiekins, and Phantasma Tarot. Magicmakers Tarot will be available in 2024, and a new faerie oracle is in progress.

A recording artist for America’s premier independent music label Projekt Records, Paulina has written and produced 11 albums to date. For information, visit Projekt Records and the Music section on this website.  

As an energy worker for over 25 years, Paulina uses a combination of healing modalities that are infused into her creative work. She's always been sensitive to alternate realms. Having communicated with spirit beings since childhood, Paulina's increasing association to those who thrive beyond the 3D is part of who she is and continues to become. Her insights and experiences are weaved into visual and audio creations.

Paulina was born in Ontario, Canada. She and her husband Kevin have resided in Chattanooga, TN, since 2007. She works from her home studio with their cats (including those in alternate realms).

~ Mommy & Mortimer ~