Sugar Wingshiver

Sugar WingshiverTracklist:
1. sugar wingshiver
2. luna sea
3. the trance pool
4. we rush beyond all boundaries
5. still a ghost
6. bird on a mission
7. fire in our eyes
8. captured
9. voodoo lily
10. loup garou
11. rise of the sirens
12. in a labyrinth of light
13. honeybee reverie
14. moondial
15. khepri
16. the mesmerist (bonus track)

Released through Projekt Records, 2014. Written, recorded, and produced by Paulina Fae.

"This is the latest album from Fae, a multi-talented artist working not only in music but visual art, including tarot and oracle card decks. This album is largely ethereal, gossamer and shimmering, but Fae's music dances with the tribal as well. The opening track, "Sugar Wingshiver," is a good example of how she balances these lighter elements with more solid and rooted percussion. The closing track, "Khepri" is also an example of this. Sugar Wingshiver is ideal background music for when you want to support or sustain a contemplative mood. Her music evokes twilight or dust, in-between times and places. Fae's work layers sounds on top of each other like lush oriental rugs, although this album has a few tracks that feature sparse or minimalist instrumentation as well. Lyrically, Fae seems more interested in images and feeling rather than narrative. Oftentimes, the lyrics fall into rhythm by themselves, rather than having to have one forced or fitted upon them. The majority of the album showcases that kind of floating, gossamer type of aesthetic, with darker moodier tracks popping up here and there."
- Gothic Beauty Magazine

"Slip through the veil and enter Paulina Fae's dreamy, faerie-flecked world for a while. Fifteen atmospheric pieces that straddle the boundaries of ambient and dream pop wait for you here, with soft vocals chanting beneath heavy layers of echo and effect. Flitting by in just under an hour, Sugar Wingshiver's individual tracks offer brief visions, but they're fully formed and engaging. While I don't normally review lyric-based releases, Fae's breathy delivery and deep treatments of her words, on most tracks, render them down into less distinct melodic elements–instrument rather than word. As she sighs through "Luna Sea," I know there's a story being told but it's more about the way the cadence of her voice melts into the slow-moving song under them. (The inside of the CD cover offers the lyrics.) In places, however, the story does take the forefront, as with the pairing of "Voodoo Lily" and "Loup Garou." Snaky bass and heavy echo bring Lily's story to life; "Loup Garou" stalks through a misty landscape with a distinct feeling of mystery and moonlight. It's one of the best examples of what Fae is doing with the music here, building it largely on a backdrop of soft washes and grounding it with tapping hand percussion. "Bird On A Mission" uses this, along with short phrasing on the low end of the piano, and ties into into rhyming wordplay. Fae varies the approach in places with purely instrumental cuts, like the beautiful and too short ballad "In A Labyrinth of Light." "Fire In Our Eyes" render the artist's voice into sighs and cries and underscores them with a pulsing beat and stuttering electronics. Sugar Wingshiver is another excellent release from this unique artist. Take this journey."

"The sound of Fae moves in areas which are more ethereal for definition, including the same voice used as a tool as to give slight brush strokes, in a parallel dutiful with the visual arts in which Paulina grapples with as much mastery. Only with the previous album "Lost In Oz" the sound took fold, some of which are different from dreamy and spectral gently fragility, of rhythmic electro downtempo and showing some construction of song more prone to form-song. With still electronic tracks scattered here and there (most noticeable in "Fire In Our Eyes") and with different songs where the vocals are more palpable and 'orthodox' ("Bird On A Mission", the excellent "Voodoo Lily" and "Loup Garou") but with songwriting always double wire bound to that ethereal sweetness that can be felt in the melancholy (especially when it intervenes to plan) with the maneuvers of a spirit of haunting solitaire between walls uninhabited during the night hours. Moments short but intense alternate with songs in their ethnic traits ("Luna Sea", "We Rush to Beyond Boundaries"), between episodes loveable ("The Trance Pool", "Rise Of The "Sirens") and soft brush strokes that ethereal citizens aspire the listener between light and dark. Produced and performed with all the good faith, Sugar Wingshiver further demonstration how Fae, even musically, is an artist of great maturity and with very clear ideas about the how and the what realize: the followers of the best sound ethereal will come forward without delay."
- Darkroom


they say you’re just a soullight away
you fly across an alibaster ray
they say you’re just a moonpulse away
we know you visit every day
don’t fly away
you came here from so far away

and comes a reel of hosts in flight
a mass of fractal shimmering light
a synergy of majesty
we rush beyond all boundaries
we are here
of love sustained we shall remain
the heart’s floodplain we must maintain
tirelessly and carefully
we rush beyond all boundaries
we are here
by truth’s domain for this we came
the soul’s exchange we shant betray
we hear your plea to comfort thee

still a ghost
my time is moving
my time is never over
still a ghost
it’s time I’m moving on

shadows moving
in the sidelines
always everywhere
always anywhere
shadows following
watchful eyes
see you there

the sap of sleep will fill you with pollen
where angels once from high have fallen
loa are dancing in a trance of cosmo
by trees dripping honey-laced moss of mambo
creatures of earth do you hear our call
protection from harm in a fireball
in to you this ring I place
bind it well and to evil give chase
this calls (sobo kessou)
this calls (ogou balanjo)
for voodoo lily (she will haunt your dreams)
from dreamland’s voyage shadow and space
ice-covered fire in a simbi lake
the kiss of power in a candlelight labyrinth
surging force of rose and hyacinth
volcanic eyes in a mean soulquake (gotta wake up)
curves this potion wide awake
serpentine hearts do you feel our dance
safe from harm in a white light trance
this calls (obatala)
this calls (eleggua)
for voodoo lily
this calls (baron samedi)
this calls (la sirena) for voodoo lily
wide awake in a mean soulquake

skeleton sighs and bloodwater tides
the stars are the only lights we see tonight
vines of an onyx moon coincide
with the shimmering crescent bloom
this luna sea
tempest debris
snowline shrine
fervor divine
this luna sea
this jubilee
it shall rewire
its fluid fire
this witching hour prompts delta terrain
floods of slumber surge us awake
rolling waters decorate
this effervescent hyperspace
silver moon
you’re gone too soon
you hide in the sway of your cells
you escape from the twist of your shell
silver tears
behold these fears
the bite of your soul holds me close
with lupa our heavenly host
silver rain
you’re back again
of fragmented animus blood
grab hold of your heart’s shadowflood
the sky’s sharp grace
you move through the shade of your scars
and howl with the spiraling stars
loup garou of rouge bayou
your persistence i do admire
yet from this what shall transpire
you transform
with the storm
from the last of the sphere’s grey light
you disappear into the night

unfading ambition
she brings to fruition
her inborn transition
bird on a mission
of fragile position
and sleep’s intermission
from her long expedition
through strife and delay
she will find her way
to make ace of this life
carried in flight

winds carry their chorus over the ocean
nautical chants travel thousands of tides away
sirens rise from the subterrane
to sapphire skies of silken rain
veiled vixens drift o’er sleeping boatmen
wardens of the watchful lighthouse flame
sirens rise from the liquid light
to sapphire skies of hybrid flight

lyrics by Paulina Fae (2014)