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Seahorse: Balance and Integrity

Seahorse: Balance and Integrity

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• High-quality print reproduction on archival paper
• Mats are smooth white, 4-ply thickness, and acid-free
• Sizes (listed in inches) are standard and ready to frame
• Packaged with backing board and protective sleeve

With full trust in his counsel, Seahorse transports messages from divine source. A visionary, he carries a nurturing instinct. Seahorse anchors himself by balancing his emotions through sheer willpower, helping him get through the most turbulent of storms. He occupies the power of acclamation, and his compassion assists him in dealing sensitively with challenging situations,. He takes a calm approach and great depth when trouble rises to the surface. Seahorse enjoys a harmonious environment, and works hard to keep it that way.  Survey your position to gain a clear viewpoint. Allow the flow of the current to guide you to the most opportune path. When clarity shines a light on the best direction, anchor yourself, and remain focused on your destination.

– King of Shells (Spiritsong Tarot)

© Paulina Fae (2015)
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