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Witchlings (signed deck and book set)

Witchlings (signed deck and book set)

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"Something wicked this way comes -- wickedly wonderful, that is. This ravishing collection of 40 witchlings are stirring a magickal brew, and delight in awakening your senses with mystery and enchantment. Witchling cards are designed to help you access your natural abilities for working with magick. All that is required is a desire to learn and a commitment to focus."

The 40-card Witchlings Deck of Spells includes an accompanying 200-page guide book containing over 150 spells to work with, as well as corresponding tips and insights from each individual witchling. The more you work with the witchlings, the more in-tune you become with the subtle universal energies surrounding you.

What you receive:
* 40-card boxed deck with signed Witchlings book
one signed bonus Witchlings card chosen by artist (not taken from your deck; the 40 cards are sealed)

40 cards, 3”x5”. 
Box: 3.25”x5.25”
204 page spell book

© 2014, published by US Games Systems
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