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The Secret Language of Trees (signed book / graphic novella)

The Secret Language of Trees (signed book / graphic novella)

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"Sleep beneath our branches; let us weave your dreamcatcher. Chase away the fear within, pulling madness into soil.”

* Signed limited-run second edition

* 6” x 7.75” perfect-bound softcover

* 92 glossy pages of illustrated stories (b x w inside pages)

* Includes a digital music download card (Projekt Records)

* Available exclusively through the artist/author


Trees are gateways between dimensions, bringers of knowledge, and workers of magic. In a network of sound and vibration, they communicate in a language heard and felt within. They're generous with their energy and hold powerfully healing properties. THE SECRET LANGUAGE OF TREES is a book of illustrated lyrical stories told from the perspective of trees, alongside their elemental and animal companions.

The book is accompanied by its own original soundtrack, and includes a digital music download card. The songs are introspective ethereal dream pop rooted in an electronic tapestry of earthly delicacy, and fruited with silky vocals. Each song holds a grounding vibrational frequency designed to stimulate intuition and inner-healing.

The songs can be heard HERE.

* Winner of a 2021 Gold COVR Visionary Award *

© Paulina Fae (2020). Second / revised edition © 2023.

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